How to set up Open VPN on Windows


1- Download the OpenVPN Application.

2- Install the Application.

note: If you see a message that you need to install VPN Driver, accept it.

3- Download the .ovpn file(s) to your device. OpenVPN Config File List

4- Copy the configurations files with the ovpn extension in the installation path, which is usually “C:Program FilesOpenVPNconfig”.

5- On the desktop right-click on the OpenVPN GUI icon and select the properties and enable the “Run this program as an administrator” option under the Compatibility tab. This item is not required for Widnows XP.

6- Double-click on the OpenVPN GUI icon and run it. you can connect to desired server by clicking the OpenVPN GUI icon next to the tray clock.

Note 1: Before connection unplug VPN or Https connection if you are connected.

Note 2: when connecting the Open VPN iocn turns yellow and if connection is successful, it turns green.

Note 3: To disconnect, click the Disconnect key from the server menu on the OpenVPN GUI icon next to the tray clock.