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Why should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn

Why should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn

Why should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn

You can use Virtual Private Network or VPN shortcuts to keep track of yourself on the Internet for your Internet service provider or anyone else. But what is VPN and why should it be used? In this article we would like to introduce you to the general approach of VPNs and related applications in this area. On the other hand, we want to say why anyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet must use a VPN provider service. So be with us.Why [ should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn ]

Why should I use VPN?
As its name suggests, VPN connects you to a private network from the Internet, which is just yours, instead of directly entering the busy and insecure Internet space. VPNs choose your location based on the IP address, where you are not suspended at all. That’s the way you can secure your own online space. Another use of VPNs is to remotely deploy a company’s employees to the private network, even if they are not physically present at the office!

[ Why should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn ]

Why should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn


Why should I use VPN , buy vpn and free vpn


Generally speaking, using VPN in two parts will be useful to you. One, by activating it, you will be able to access the internet through fake IP addresses from other countries by VPN servers. This item is usually used to access content that is not available in your country. For example, Netflix is ​​one of those servers that can not be used in a number of countries, and you can use it with a VPN. Or Google, for example, has blocked the Analytics service for Iranian access and you have no choice but to use VPN to access this service.

Why should use VPN account ?


But the second and most important benefit of using a VPN is to encrypt all your traffic data on the Internet. By doing so, roughly the percentage that a person can follow your footprint on the Internet is zero, and as a result, a higher level of security is provided to you. That person can be a typical hacker at the same coffee shop you use with Wi-Fi, or an organization that wants to know your status on the Internet and your Internet history. If you do not want to use VPN, there will be no problem, but be sure to consider the above.

VPNs are placed on your cell phones or your computer, and by connecting to their manufacturer’s servers, they provide an encrypted connection with trusted links, and you can access them by default, but this time without any concern or limitation Use the internet. But the case here is that by connecting to the VPN, your data and your web browser records can be accessed by the VPN builder instead of being detected by your ISP. So you do not have to trust them completely and think that you’ve been 100% anonymous on the Internet.

For example, when you visit Google, Facebook, or websites that need to be logged in, your information will be stored as a cookie, and the next time, even if you sign in with VPN, you will still see your information stored. If so, someone will use the same device to access your information. So do not think that you will be completely anonymous with the VPN activation.

On the other hand, there are a number of government agencies and law enforcement agencies that can disable it by enabling your VPN provider to monitor your Internet connection. This will apply to servers used in VPNs, VPN servers, and more.


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