Set up Next VPN on Mac

Set up Next VPN on Mac

1- Download the NextVPN Application.


version 2.06

~ Download new version


2- Run the installation file and drag and drop the NextVPN icon to Applications. Then go to the Applications menu in the finder and run NextVPN software.

3- Choose on of the protocols and one of the servers.

4- Enter your Username and Password, then tap Connect.

Note 1: In the first run of NextVPN software and also Proxifier software in the MacOS High Sierra verison, you must give software permission to run by the “System Preferences – Security & Privacy – Allow apps downloaded from” section.

Note 2: In the first connection to the servers, the Administrator user’s password is required to be entered. Note that do not incorrectly enter the vpn password in this step. If you do not know this password, you can change it from the “System Preferences” and then “Users and Groups”.


Different types of Protocols

There are several different types of protocol to connect. If you have a problem with speed or connection with one of the protocols, try the other protocols.