Server Location UDP Config Files
united states server     United States USA-UDP.ovpn
united kingdom server     United Kingdom England-UDP.ovpn
netherlands server     Netherlands Netherlands-UDP.ovpn
canada server     Canada Canada-UDP.ovpn
france server     France France-UDP.ovpn
germany server     Germany Germany-UDP.ovpn
czech republic server     Czech Republic Czech-Republic-UDP.ovpn



Server Location TCP Config Files
united states server     United States USA-TCP.ovpn
united kingdom server     United Kingdom England-TCP.ovpn
netherlands server     Netherlands Netherlands-TCP.ovpn
canada server     Canada Canada-TCP.ovpn
france server     France France-TCP.ovpn
germany server     Germany Germany-TCP.ovpn
czech republic server     Czech Republic Czech-Republic-TCP.ovpn



Server Location TCP + Proxy Config Files
united states server     United States USA-proxy.ovpn
united kingdom server     United Kingdom England-proxy.ovpn
netherlands server     Netherlands Netherlands-proxy.ovpn
canada server     Canada Canada-proxy.ovpn
france server     France France-proxy.ovpn
germany server     Germany Germany-proxy.ovpn
czech republic server     Czech Republic Czech-Republic-proxy.ovpn



  • to Connect you need to install the last version of OpenVPN on your devices.
  • Usually, the speed of UDP port is higher than the rest of the ports, but may be blocked by some ISPs.

Tip: When connection to the addresses of each country, You are automatically connected to the server in that country, which has the the minimum number of online users.