Server Location Main Server Address
united states server     United States us3.cisadd2.com
united kingdom server     United Kingdom uk.cisadd2.com
netherlands server     Netherlands nl.cisadd2.com
canada server     Canada ca.cisadd2.com
france server     France fr.cisadd2.com
germany server     Germany de.cisadd2.com
czech republic server     Czech Republic cz.cisadd2.com


Server Location Server Address (Port 800)
united states server     United States us2.cisadd3.com:800
united kingdom server     United Kingdom uk.cisadd3.com:800
netherlands server     Netherlands nl.cisadd3.com:800
canada server     Canada ca.cisadd3.com:800
france server     France fr.cisadd3.com:800
germany server     Germany de.cisadd3.com:800
czech republic server     Czech Republic cz.cisadd3.com:800


  • If Cisco main port is blocked on your ISP, You can try port 800 Servers.
  • Note, besides of port numbers It’s different from server addresses.

Tip: When connection to the addresses of each country, You are automatically connected to the server in that country, which has the the minimum number of online users.