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Free vpn in the Opera Browser

Free vpn in the Opera Browser
The Opera Browser ( Opera ) added a free and non – infinite VPN to its desktop on Windows and mac and Linux , but there are several problems .

Currently , this service is available only in version developers of the browser but is expected to be added by default in all future versions .

What is VPN?
A service that generates security by creating a private network in the public Internet and protects the browser so that it can not access personal data when connected to the Internet, especially with WiFi.
Users who seek to protect their privacy will usually achieve this by purchasing a subscription from one VPN service provider. ( Free vpn in the Opera Browser )


Free vpn in the Opera Browser

Free vpn in the Opera Browser

How to use Opera browser VPN service?
The Opera VPN service was developed 12 months ago by one of the Opera subsidiaries called SurfEasy, and has unlimited service and will not stop using it after a while.

To enable it, you must select the Privacy and Security settings section and click Activate VPN. (Follow the steps below): Settings> Privacy and Security> Enable VPN Opera VPN will hide your IP address and also will not be able to view your browser activity and allow you to access all the content of the sites Access restricted for you.
With a simple click, you can get the ultimate security of a VPN and filter breaker.

When the VPN is running, the VPN icon appears on your toolbar, and there’s also a drop down menu that allows you to choose the traffic of your own country, such as the United States, Canada or Germany.

A number of Opera VPN restrictions
Unlike an independent VPN software that protects all network traffic, including social networks and emails, and all user accounts such as Skype, along with the browser, this service is only for the browser.
It also does not protect the Web RTC plugin, which is a violation of the VPN.

Web RTC is a browser feature that allows video communication, voice calling, and file sharing from a browser to another browser. For this feature, you must specify the IP address of your computer and Opera VPN can not block this service, and your address will still be visible to those who use the Web RTC feature in their browser.

reason for the choice
It’s the most secure online browser service you can use to hide your Internet address in the browser and use the firewall to access sites and blocked content and when you use the public network to protect your privacy.
do. Of course, we still need an independent VPN purchase to protect all of our Internet services.

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