Android connection Next VPN

Set up Next VPN on your Android

1- Download the NextVPN Application.


Next VPN
Android 4.1 and up
Version 3.1.23

~ Download APK appDownload new version



2- Open Next VPN App.

3- Choose on of the protocols and one of the servers.

4- Enter your Username and Password, then tap Connect


Different types of Protocols

There are several different types of protocol to connect. If you have a problem with speed or connection with one of the protocols, try the other protocols.



Problems using Next VPN

VPN will connect to the selected server, but no site will be opened after connecting.

Answer: Probably the problem is due to battery saver mode activation on the phone. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and disable it.

If the issue is not resolved, make sure Background Data is enabled in the Settings > Data usage menu.